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I'm full Chinese
I love all types of music,
I TRULY enjoy talking to people and meeting new people, so TALK TO ME ^_^
I love to take pictures and edit pictures as well.

Life is Crazy and what a Crazy Life this is.
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Chillin with my Brogull
Hang loose and just go with the flow.

#MyPetSeagullAndI #Chillin #HangLoose #BroLyfe (at Emeryville)

Meet Billy the Poolturtle, my friend who played and swam with my kids on the last day of summer camp.

#MSTA #SummerSession #BillyThePoolTurtle (at Milpitas Star Aquatics & Fitness)

We take charcoals to the next level and do body tattoos.
#BodyArt #Beach Day #ModelPose #GazeIntoTheDistance (at Seabright Beach)

I get some of the coolest students at work. One of many awesome students for the past two weeks of summer camp.
#MSTA #SwimInstructor #BillyTheSeaTurttle (at Milpitas Star Aquatics & Fitness)

Only in California will you ever see a racing stripe on a Prius. #ProudOwner #Prius #RacingStripe (at Freeway 85)

Trolls at Pieology. Unscrew the pepper shakers and screw over the next group if people.

Lunch with @jaronjlee @whatthekorla @kittykatkho @benwon and David Cao

(at Pieology, Brokaw Commons)

Annual Catch up with the one and only Malaysian Trojan @lyanaroslan at Boiling Crab
#BoilingCrab #StraightCheesin #AsianPeace (at The Boiling Crab San Jose)

Look who decided to come up to Nor Cal to visit! Happy I got to see you.

#Fofers4Lyfe #Amigos (at Bay Area Northern California)

Pitstop for legit milk tea on the way back from Retreat.
(at Asha Tea House)

My Co-Leader and kids for Kids Adventure Camp

#KAC #kids #BibleCamps #SummerHappenings (at E-Square (SJCAC Youth Group))

Pieology pizza with @kevin4859. (at Pieology, Brokaw Commons)

Loyal Costco members watching World Cup

#WorldCup #MembershipPerks #Costco (at Costco)

4 pillars of Coit Tower
@angiewurm @sillybanana_55 @elena_alien @janellevbeck (at The Coit Tower)

"Point of View" or "Point of You"


@angiewurm @sillybanana_55 @Janellevbeck @elena_alien (at The Coit Tower)

Coit tower, San Francisco
#CoitTower #SanFransisco

@angiewurm @sillybanana_55 (at The Coit Tower)