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I'm full Chinese
I love all types of music,
I TRULY enjoy talking to people and meeting new people, so TALK TO ME ^_^
I love to take pictures and edit pictures as well.

Life is Crazy and what a Crazy Life this is.
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"One does not simply admire art. One must be the art." -Alexander Thorin Tsai

At SF Fishermans Warf with cousins
PC: @deeewang

Spending an afternoon with my cousins in Downtown SF Easter weekend

(at CUESA & The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market)

T’was a magical moment last night.

Got to act out a scene from Titanic at Santa Monica pier last night. (at Santa Monica Pier)

Yesterday was national siblings day.
Blessed to have a sibling and older sister like her.

#latepost #siblings #NatioalSiblingsDay #Blessed (at University of California, Riverside)

Bowling from last friday. We go to thr bowling alley, not to bowl, but to hang out with friends and be in community. (at Socialize Bowling League - AMF Riverside Lanes)

Got to see Captain America Winter Soldier for premieres and it was one of the best movies of 2014! Worth staying up past my bedtime to watch with good friends! (at University Village)

Words cannot express how tgankful i was for this Mark 2 group I had at Catalina Island this spring break with Intervarsity! Lives renewed. Friendships made. Becoming closer with one another. I couldnt ask for anything more.

CampusByTheSea at Catalina island for InterVarsity. Studied Mark 2 and being mindblown at a magical island!

Who says you cant be in two places at once?

@LACMA #LampPosts #challengeaccepted (at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA))

Amazing musician on SantaMonica StripMall
@Lisahaagen (at Dura Strip of Santa Monica)

sandy sunglasses

(at Santa Monica Pier)

At the beach while my girl #ToriKelly serenades me as I tan.

Spring break at Santa Monica beach.

#GetDarkForDays #SantaMonicaBeach #tanning (at Santa Monica State Beach)

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First time having FrostBites! (at Frostbites)

Its finals week and we Grill meat like men.